What is a Seton Parish Neighborhood

A Seton Parish Neighborhood (eSPN) is a group of families who gather to reflect on their lives in the light of the Gospel and to share their Catholic Christian faith through prayer, friendship and Service. The early Christians gathered in small groups, most frequently in a home or neighborhood. That experience allowed a deep sharing of faith and life. Today, eSPNs facilitate that deep sharing in the presence of trusted friends. Relationships are formed in which sharing, listening and genuine communications are nurtured. The sharing of faith and life leads to action on behalf of others. Although each eSPN is unique in its membership, style, and meeting format, every eSPN is involved in the following activities:

Mutual support and faith sharing.
Prayer and ritual
On-going formation in Scripture and Tradition that enables tangible connections between faith and life.
Outreach beyond the eSPN

eSPNs are involved in numberous parish ministries as well as outreach projects born out of the faith sharing of their small neighborhoods.
To help you find your neighborhood please check the file below.  For more information please contact
John Letourneau or Deacon Hector Raymond
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Primary Contact: John Letourneau
Phone: (614) 557-7607
Email: only1jpl@gmail.com
Volunteers Needed: Yes
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