Welcome to Seton Parish

Welcome to Seton Parish and thank you for visiting our parish website.

As you browse from one page to another, I think that you will see that there is something for everyone, and that there are many people, young and old who are involved in the life of our parish. This is who we are at Seton Parish for as St. Paul says, "We are the Body of Christ." We are all called to be ministers. The Holy Spirit has been poured out enabling us to use our gifts and talents to bring the Good News wherever God takes us.

If this is the first time that you have taken a look at Seton Parish, or if you have been a member for many years, it is my hope that every person who attends our parish finds a way to serve in the life of our parish. This is what Jesus calls us to do. He calls us all to be his disciples and to nurture our faith through serving Him with the life that He has given to us.

When we give of ourselves here in the setting of our parish, we will be amazed at how our faith is nourished and sustained. It is a privilege and joy to serve as the pastor of Seton parish. I am always uplifted when I observe the generosity and ministry of so many around me on a daily basis.

I look forward to ministering with and serving on a personal level all those who visit with us on these pages.

Fr. Jim Klima