Our Catholic Faith

This page is currently under construction.  We have big plans to have ministry content for all age groups.  Just to wet your appetite, we have included webinars from Joe Poprocki.  Click on Joe's name to find out more about him.  Please stay tuned.

Seton Faith Formation

General Catechist Training Webinars

Practice Makes Catholic:  15 Ways to Make Your Religion Class More Catholic

Part 1:  Introduction
Part 2:  What is it that Makes Us Catholic?
Part 3:  Catholic Identity
Part 4:  A Sense of Sacramentality
Part 5:  Commitment to Community
Part 6:  Respect for Dignity of Human Life and    Commitment to Justice
Part 7:  Disposition to Faith and Hope and not Despair

Teaching During a Year of Faith

Growing as a Catechist:  A Self-Evaluation Tool

Tool 1:  Ongoing Formation
Tool 2:  Planning and Preparation
Tool 3:  The Learning Environment
Tool 4:  Variety of Activities
Tools 5-7:  Discipline, Prayer, Technique