Seton Parish has purchased the right to allow our parishioners and their family members to create an account on the FORMED web site where you can view excellent Catholic Educational and other great content. Understand that Seton Parish strictly follows and enforces the diocesan safe environment policies. “It is the policy of the Catholic Diocese of Columbus that no parish or school sponsored youth classes, gatherings, events, or activities take place at private residences. This policy (3510.0) is designed to protect children, youth, employees and volunteers. It ensures accessibility and transparency of our religious programs and helps establish a safe environment for everyone involved.” From the Office of Religious Education and Catechesis, Catholic Diocese of Columbus. Please complete the below form and then click the agree button below if you agree to follow the safe environment policies listed above. Click the submit button and this will take you to a pdf giving you the code and instructions on how to access the portal. Where you will be able to access the best Catholic Content on the Internet. Else, exit this page.

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